Industries Served

Automotive Automotive

It goes without saying that you can get all your oil and lubrication needs met at CASE 'N DRUM OIL thanks to our comprehensive selection of multi-line passenger car motor oil brands.

Industrial Industrial

As the Castrol Industrial Master Distributor for the province of Ontario, we are proud to offer a premium line of high-performance metal-working fluids to help you stay on target -- and on budget!

Fleet & Truck Stops Fleet and Truck Stops

When you're dealing with multiple vehicles, you need to have immediate access to a wide range of products.

Construction Construction

Construction sites are a delicate balance -- if just one thing's missing, or one piece of machinery's out of service, then the whole job suffers. And that means increased cost and lost opportunities for your business.

Agriculture Agriculture

Whether you're working your own farm, part of a co-operative, or overseeing a large-scale operation, you'll find everything you need to reap the maximum out of your effort and your investment.

Marine & Aviation Marine and Aviation

We're proud suppliers of the industry leading Phillips 66(R) aviation lubricants and are capable of supporting airport maintenance and independent contractors.



CASE 'N DRUM OIL is also the proud supplier of Power Flo Hydraulic Fluid, an environmentally sensitive solution for municipal, waste, and recreation-based vehicular needs. This non-toxic, fire-resistant fluid is water soluble and can be used in place of conventional mineral or hydraulic oils.

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