What's your most precious asset? Time.

So why waste it running around, dealing with multiple suppliers, when you can turn to Case N' Drum Oil INC. to keep your business running smoothly.

Welcome to Case N’ Drum Oil INC.

Case N’ Drum Oil INC. is the proud distributor of a wide range of marquee brands, including our own premium-quality CASE 'N DRUM OIL products; Castrol Industrial Metal Working Fluids; Fram filters, Kendall and Chevron products. We are ISO 9001-2008 compliant.

We are Ontario's lubrication and filtration specialist, with over 30 years of service in the industry. We've got over 38,000 square feet of service space and we're using it to give you what you want -- choice. We work with you to ensure your needs are met -- including delivery right to your door! And all of our products are original equipment manufacturer warranty approved.

Whether you're running your own garage, maintaining fleet equipment, or overseeing an agricultural operation, get everything you need with one call or e-mail.

Posted by Case 'N Drum on 2018-04-09 11:26:54

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